Commissioning Groups



Commissioning Groups is part of the GP Commissioning Solutions Ltd portfolio who provide new and innovative products with a particular focus on GP Commissioning activities. Our solutions and services support the planning and operation of GP Commissioning Groups and Consortia with a particular emphasis on data and information management.

Our solutions allow GP Commissioning Groups to reduce costs and improve resource allocation whilst improving patient care.


Our Solutions


We use clinician driven methods to measure and predict a patients health burden.

What can you use this information for in the NHS?

Budget and resource planning can be done much better when you understand clinically where your costs are being driven from, by which patients and which disease areas. Moreover, you can better target future resource and be prepared for how this will likely change in the future.


HealthView Platform


The HealthView platform is an information centric hub for collaboration and team working across the commisisoning group and it also serves the strategic reporting capabilities and expectations by allowing comparitive reporting across different areas.


Clinical Data Specialists


We are clinical information and strategic reporting specialists with over 20 years experience within the NHS. 

Pioneering Solutions


Our Healthvision platform has been built around state of the art technology and we are partnered with some of the biggest software providers in the world.

Project Management

Whatever the project, our management team will work closely with you to ensure you get no surprises and the job is done to your satisfaction. Dedicated relationship managers cater for strategic partnerships and larger projects.